• [Lunch menu -] - all of the menu - in marked with egg custard, miso soup -

    • Today's Random grip lunch

      950 yen (tax included)
    • Above grip lunch

      1080 yen (tax included)

      Large conger eel with one !!

    • [Recommended] Tokujo grip lunch

      ¥ 1490 (tax included)

      One large conger eel, Negitoro, salmon roe, with Noboru Sushi

    • [Popular No.1] Broiled sushi tempura lunch

      980 yen (tax included)

      [With bonus choice] mini Negitoro bowl or soft drink or bite Please choose One-Day than sherbet

  • [Deals lunch set menu -]? How is it together to five ~

    • Lunch drink

      Each 100 yen (tax included)

      Hot coffee (refilling) / ice coffee (refilling) / 100% orange juice / grapefruit juice / oolong tea

    • Mini egg custard

      200 yen (tax included)
  • [Premium lunch menu -]

    • Saikyo's Saikyo Grill and Temple of Luo Setae

      1480 yen (tax included)

      It is a very luxurious set meal set with Saigyo Yaki and Tenjinura set as the main chef chef chef's chef.(Tempura, sesame sauce mushrooms, rice, miso soup, pickles)

    • A meal

      2100 yen (tax included)

      ※ You can change sashimi to grilled fish.Directly to the fishing port, please spend a blissful time with fresh sashimi and handful freshness everyone.

    • Broiled sushi and parasol in Paris

      1580 yen (tax included)

      Enjoy watching with the stick of toppings, eat well.(In particular, broiled sushi 7 rows, making, Tempura, Ankake mushrooms, side dishes, miso soup, dessert)

    • Four 4 tuna Zanmai

      2380 yen (tax included)

      Sushi is still very happy! In ♪ tuna Dzukushi to enjoy !! 6 kinds of tuna from tuna (large Toro, Toro medium, lean, Negitoro, Tuna winding, tempura, egg custard sauce, rice, miso soup)

    • Medium Toro Gozen

      1580 yen (tax included)

      Can be changed !! to "large Toro Gozen" in the yen +300 (medium Toro, Bintoro, lean, Negitoro, Wen Yu, tempura, small bowl, egg custard, red soup, dessert)